Extra virgin olive oil

Superior category Virgin Olive Oil, cold-pressed by means of mechanical procedures only from Arbequina-class olives from country house El Quinto de Don Pedro, found in the mountains of Toledo, Spain.


We are a family group dedicated in heart and soul to traditional agriculture, cultivating cereal from the vineyard and producing high-quality, ecological olive oil - a tradition born in ancient stone mills.

Our family has been producing oil for 300 years. The love for the land, for the trees with tortuous trunks with leaves of green and silver that are our vineyards has remained intact.

The oil that we present to you is the juice resulting from the union of this family tradition of olive and oil with a careful selection of plants and precise maturation point, as well as a crafted collection of the olive, cold-processed and natural production of the oil.

Our production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is limited to the olives that, in the different phases of maturity, are collected from our plantation.

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