Extra virgin olive oil

Superior category Virgin Olive Oil, cold-pressed by means of mechanical procedures only from Arbequina-class olives from country house El Quinto de Don Pedro, found in the mountains of Toledo, Spain.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils distinguish themselves from each other by their distinct color hues, aromas and flavours, keeping one feature in common, their exceptional exquisiteness. Choose your oil:
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Primus del Quinto
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil “El Quinto de Don Pedro
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil Family Reserve


Mediterranean international
Olive Oil Competition
Gold - see certificate


7º Concurso internacional - Olivinus 2013
Gold - see certificate

Latest News

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Bronze Award 9th Oil China Competition 2014

After our participation in the Food & Hotel Shanghai fair we saw the great success of our oil among professionals.
For this reason we have participated with our extra virgin olive oil El Quinto de Don Pedro in "9th Oil China Competition 2014" medal winning result with Olive Medium Bronze Award.

Olivinus prestigious Gold 2015

We continue adding prizes this year , this time we have been awarded the prestigious Gold Competition Olivinus held in Mendoza and considered the largest in the southern hemisphere the most important of America contest, and one of the four largest in the world . The competition has had the presence of 304 oils from 15 countries and the presence of 24 judges , which gives even more value to this new achievement we have achieved with our exquisite oil.

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Our Oil

The oil is produced from the grinding and cold-processing of the olive to preserve each and every one of its natural properties. The result is a natural oil, rich in polyphenols and antioxidants.

Enjoy Olive Oil in a completely natural way, from the country house directly to your table.

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